Assessment of oral health knowledge among the medical graduates of private and government colleges: a cross-sectional survey


  • Akhila Vanga Narayana Dental College and Hospitals, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Srinivasulu Gomasani Department of Public Health Dentistry, Narayana Dental College and Hospitals, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India



Oral health, Dental caries, Knowledge, Medical students


Background: General health and oral health are interconnected, with oral health being a fundamental component. It is critical for life long human well-being. Oral health issues pose a significant concern for public health. Medical students should also have better knowledge of oral hygiene so that they can provide oral health education and guidance to their patients when requested. Many people seek medical care from their primary care provider for oral health problems. Therefore, doctors must have sufficient knowledge about oral health and play an important role in promoting oral health. This study aimed to assess the oral health knowledge of medical graduates from private and government colleges in Nellore, India.

Methods: A Cross-sectional study using a pre-designed survey consisting of 25 questions with Likert scale options. The study included medical graduates from all private and government colleges. Questions about oral health issues and their relationship to overall health. Data was collected, compiled, and analyzed using the chi-square test.

Results: Compared to government medical college students, 83.8% of private college students believe that dental caries and periodontal diseases are plaque-mediated diseases. 90.3% of government medical college students agree with the statement "tobacco is only the risk factor for oral cancer" compared to private college students.

Conclusions: Medical students lack awareness of oral health issues. Frequently, oral health concerns are neglected as they focus on classroom dynamics and students’ behavior.


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