Study of knowledge and attitudes to first aid among school children of Doiwalablock, Dehradun

Jayanti Semwal, Ravleen Kaur Bakshi, Ruchi Juyal, Deepshikha ., Shaili Vyas, SD Kandpal


Background: First-aid (FA) is the providing of initial care for an illness or injury, by a non-expert but trained person, till medical treatment can be accessed. Aim of the study is to impart knowledge in first aid among students to build a safe and healthier community. The objectives of the study were to assess the basic knowledge and understanding of it among the school children, to find out their attitude and to provide appropriate education regarding first aid.

Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted in randomly selected public school of Doiwala, Dehradun among all the school children of classes 9th to 12th. A pretested oral questionnaire was used to assess their knowledge and attitude about first aid. Knowledge, attitude and practices (KAP) about the first aid for common medical emergencies were assessed. Following which, education and training regarding first aid was provided to them. The data were presented as frequencies and percentages. Chi squared test was used as tests of significance.

Results: Out of 441 students, majority (91%) had heard about the first aid of which the proportion of boys and girls were almost similar i.e. 92: 92.2. Only 17% of students complete knowledge of first aid and 33.3% of students had partial knowledge. On an average complete knowledge and partial knowledge was present only in 0.04 and 0.06 respectively.

Conclusions:Students have revealed that first aid study is in the curriculum of the course but it seems from the study that practically no stress is being given in imparting knowledge regarding first aid in these schools. To conclude all students had shown their keen interest and positive attitude towards getting knowledge about first aid. 



First aid, Knowledge, Attitude, Practice, Students

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