Nursing role and strategy in pain management in palliative care


  • Fatimah A. Alghamdi Compliance Assist Administration, Ministry of Health, Taif, Saudi Arabia
  • Zahrah A. Alahmed Nursing Department, King Fahad Hospital, Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia
  • Safa Y. Sowadi College of Medicine, Jazan University, Jazan, Saudi Arabia
  • Zahraa A. Alkhulaif Nursing Department, King Faisal Hospital, Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia
  • Sakinah W. Bubshait Nursing Department, King Faisal Hospital, Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia
  • Laila M. Alsiyahi Emergency Nursing Department, Al-Ahsa Health Cluster, Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia
  • Abdulrahman H. Alqarni Department of Intensive Care Unit, Sabt Al Alaya General Hospital, Sabt Al Alaya, Saudi Arabia
  • Fatimah H. Alhajji Infection Control Department, King Fahad Hospital, Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia
  • Hamed B. Aljameeli Directorate of Health Affairs, Hafar Al Batin, Saudi Arabia
  • Abdullah S. Alharbi Directorate of Health Affairs, Hafar Al Batin, Saudi Arabia



Palliative care, Pain management, Nursing role, Multimodal approach, Holistic care


Palliative care plays a role in meeting the needs of individuals facing life limiting illnesses. One of the aspects of this specialized healthcare approach is effectively managing pain. Understanding types of pain from nociceptive to neuropathic is essential in navigating the nature of pain within a palliative care setting. Nursing strategies for pain management adopt an approach that addresses sources and aspects of pain. Alongside medication management, including opioids and complementary medications, non-pharmacological interventions such as therapy, massage and music therapy are utilized. Continuous monitoring, collaboration, patient education and addressing dimensions are crucial elements in nursing strategies. Nurses also serve as advocates, in navigating considerations related to pain management while ensuring autonomy and shared decision making. This exploration highlights the multifaceted contributions that nurses make in managing pain. It underscores the importance of research, education and fostering an organizational culture. Efforts, like these play a role in improving the efficiency of nursing practices in the changing field of palliative care. To sum up nursing shines as a guiding light, in providing evidence-based care greatly enhancing the quality of life for individuals confronting illnesses with limited time.


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