A study on waiting time and out-patient satisfaction at Gujarat medical education research society hospital, Valsad, Gujarat, India

Ravikant Patel, Hinaben R. Patel


Background: Gujarat Medical Education Research society started GMERS medical college and tertiary care Hospital in Valsad since last 4 years. As civil Hospital is converted in to tertiary care hospital and many of the departments running in different buildings so, searching the concern OPDs is difficult for patients, waiting time and patients satisfaction is important to avail the services. Patient satisfaction is one of the important goals of any health system, but it is difficult to measure the satisfaction. Aims & objectives were (1) to study the waiting time at various Out Patient Department (OPDs). and various investigation; (2) To study the accessibility of various department of hospital;  (3) To study the patient satisfaction on hospital process, behavior of hospital staff and treatment cost.

Methods: This was a cross sectional observational study conducted in G.M.E.R.S. Hospital-Valsad for the period of 2 months and total 135 patients were interviewed availing the OPD Services.

Results: The mean age of patient attending the OPD was 30.31±15.65 years and majority of them are female patient (54.07%). Hospital staff (48.89%) was main source of guidance for searching the OPDs for consulting the doctor. 54.07% patient registered 20 min after standing in queue. The mean waiting time was 12.16±2.35 min. 94.07% and 98.52% patients were satisfied with treatment cost and behavior of staff respectively.

Conclusions: Many patients face the difficulties in finding the various departments. On an average 12 minutes of waiting time outside the various O.P.Ds. They were also satisfied with the treatment cost and behaviour of hospital staff.


Hospital, OPD, Patients satisfaction, Waiting time

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