Post-traumatic stress disorder among flood survivors of Kodagu subdistrict in Karnataka: a cross sectional study




Post-traumatic stress disorder, Floods, Disasters, Survivors, Social support


Background: Mental health being a major concern gradually rising from the shadows, post-traumatic stress disorder is triggering as a major public health issue followed by any disaster. Hence, we aimed to determine the prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder and its associated factors among the flood survivors.

Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted among the flood survivors who resided on the banks of river Kaveri and river Harangi in Somwarpet Taluk of Kodagu district, Karnataka, India. A semi structured questionnaire was administered by interview method to capture the data from 331 participants who were sheltered at the relief camps during the flood in the year 2019. Association of sociodemographic variables with PTSD was analyzed using the Chi-square test and Logistic regression.

Results: The mean (SD) age of the participants was 42.94 (±14.10) years and 141 (42.6%) were males. The prevalence of high severity symptoms of PTSD was 28.4%. Poor social support was perceived by 87.3% of the participants. Age, Loss of official documents, owning agricultural land and distance to river from the house were significantly associated with PTSD.

Conclusions: PTSD after the disaster was 28% in the population and the majority perceived poor social support. Post flood, employment of support programs and mindfulness programs are the needs of the hour.

Author Biographies

Arunesha Babu Saroja, Department of Public Health, KS Hedge Medical Academy, Nitte, Manglore, Karnataka, India

Department of Public Health

Jagannath Purushothama, Department of Public Health, KS Hedge Medical Academy, Nitte, Manglore, Karnataka, India

Department of Public Health


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