A comparative study on postmenopausal symptoms in rural and urban women


  • Shilpa K Department of Community Medicine, Azeezia Institute of Medical Sciences, Meeyannoor, Kollam, Kerala
  • Amit R. Ugargol Department of Microbiology, Azeezia Institute of Medical Sciences, Meeyannoor, Kollam, Kerala




Post menopause, Symptoms, Urban and rural


Background: Health issues of postmenopausal women pose a significant challenge to public health. Menopause is an unspoken, unattended, reality of life, the cause of which is still deciphered completely by man. Objective: To compare the post-menopausal symptoms among rural & urban women.

Methods:The present cross sectional study was conducted in the month of September 2014, which continued for 2 months in rural and urban area. Predesigned, pretested questionnaire was used to interview 500 participants who met the selection criteria. Data was analysed using SPSS software.

Results: 250 from rural area and 250 from urban area. Nearly half 223 (44.6%) of them were in the age group of 55-64 years. Majority 161 (32.2%) of them belonged to the upper middle class, 346 (69.2) were pre obese according to WHO classification. Majority (385) 77% had no h/o gynecological problems. Almost all had one or the other menopausal symptom.

Conclusions:The prevalence of postmenopausal symptoms was higher in urban women compared to the rural population.


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