Published: 2022-08-26

The correlation between level of knowledge and knowledge on practices regarding infant feeding among mothers of rural community: a correlation study

Savitha S. V., Sunanda Govinder Thimmajja, Nagarathnamma G.


Background: The infant feeding practices during first 2 years of life determine the overall health and survival during childhood and beyond. Aim was to find the correlation between knowledge on infant feeding and knowledge on infant feeding practices among mothers of rural community.

Methods: A correlation study was conducted on 200 mothers of rural community at primary health centers of Chitradurga district, Karnataka. Gathered data by using knowledge and knowledge practice questionnaires on infant feeding through interview method.

Results: The study results revels that majority of mothers were having inadequate knowledge and as well as inadequate knowledge on practices of infant feeding. There was a significant correlation found between knowledge and knowledge on practices related to infant feeding practices among mothers.

Conclusions: Knowledge regarding infant feeding was inadequate and knowledge of infant feeding practices was found too in adequate. There was a significant correlation between knowledge and knowledge on practices. There is an ongoing need for individual and community awareness programmes regarding importance of infant feeding.


Infant feeding, Knowledge, Mothers, Rural community

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