Published: 2022-01-28

The role of stem cell therapy in endodontics and its future

Mohammad Khaled Aljifan, Abdulrhman Ali Alshuwayi, Abdulaziz Saeed Almatrafi, Abdulelah Mohammed Shukr, Khalid Abdullah Alshahrani, Abdullah Abdulelah Almuhanna, Mohammed Abdullah AlMuhanna, Khalid Nasser Alshammari, Ahmed Abdullah Alghamdi, Mazen Dhafer Albahri, Muath Muhammad Benten


Regenerative therapy has been introduced in the literature for a long time and is currently being practiced in different fields, including dentistry and endodontics. Many applications have been reported in the literature for stem cell therapy. However, many complications and adverse events were reported in this context. The present literature review sheds more light on the clinical applications of stem cell therapy in regenerative endodontics and the future perspectives in this field. There are no doubts that there are many questions to be answered despite the huge advances in this field. In response to tissue injury, it has been shown that stem cell therapy can strengthen the efficacy of physiological response to these events and improve tissue regeneration. They can be used for managing cases of reversible pulpitis. Moreover, evidence indicates that they can enhance the revascularization of necrotic pulp tissues. Accordingly, these outcomes can significantly change the perspectives of clinical endodontic practice, and current root canal management modalities and perhaps draws researchers into discovering further future applications for other currently untreatable conditions. However, further future investigations are still needed to understand more about the mechanisms of these modalities and improve their clinical applicability.



Stem cell, Regenerative therapy, Endodontics, Root canal treatment

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