Published: 2021-12-27

Prevalence of internet gaming disorder among engineering student of engineering institute of Belagavi City, Karnataka, India

Salman Khan, Ashwini Narasannavar, Mubashir Angolkar


Background: Today internet is reaching every corner of the world. This has created increase in games who play games online. Cases of suicide attempts, suicide death, self-harm allegedly have been reported from all parts of India. To estimate the prevalence of internet gaming disorder (IGD) among engineering students of engineering institute of Belagavi city.

Methods: 262 engineering students studying in Engineering Institute of Belagavi city were enrolled. Information on socio-demographic were collected by using questionnaire DSM-5 IGD-9 standard tools were used to estimate IGD prevalence. Data were analysed using SPSS software.

Results: Out of 262 participants, 77.9% were males and 22.1% were females. Prevalence of internet gaming disorder was 9.1% among engineering students.

Conclusions: Prevalence of internet gaming disorder was high among males, youths, low income class and who spent 3.5hr of time daily in gaming.


Internet gaming disorder, Online gaming, Gaming addiction, Game, IGD-9, PUBG

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