Efficacy and clinical outcome of zirconia and stainless-steel crowns in pediatric dentistry

Ameera Ibrahim Amer, Mohammed Hussain Aljoudi, Amin Nasser Abu Mansur, Alhassen Abdurabu Jafer, Riham Adel Showlag, Bassam Mohammed Hakami, Mohammed Ali Assiri, Saba Mohammad Alshareef, Ghidaa Mohammad Alharbi, Alaa Abdulkareem Rubehan, Awadh Owaidh Alazmi


Crowns are used to manage many issues related to the primary teeth as pulpal therapy, such as developmental defects, restorations, fractured teeth, in cases of increased risk of severe dental caries, increased risk of failure of direct restorations. It also can be used as space maintainers abutments, and in cases where extensive tooth wear was present. Among the variously reported crowns, zircona, and stainless-steel crowns are commonly used in clinical settings. In this literature review, we have discussed the clinical outcomes, efficacy, stainless steel crowns, and other parameters for zirconia in pediatric patients. Many advantages and disadvantages were reported for both modalities among studies in the literature. The main disadvantage of using stainless steel crowns is their associated poor esthetic problems. However, the previous issues with their potential toxic effects have been resolved as a result of the recent metallic composition of these crowns. On the other hand, zircona crowns have been reported with many favourable clinical outcomes and increased parent satisfaction. Nevertheless, high cost and increased operation time might be the only limitations for using these modalities in clinical settings.


Dentistry, Zirconia, Composites, Stainless steel, Restorations

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