Awareness of human papilloma virus infection and vaccination among the medical students of Davangere


  • Netra G. Department of Community Medicine, East Point College of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Bangalore, India
  • Geethalakshmi R. G. Department of Community Medicine, Navodaya Medical College, Raichur, Karnataka, India



HPV awareness, Medical students, Cervical cancer, HPV vaccination


Background: Cervical cancer is fifth most common cancer worldwide and second most common cancer in women in India, with an incidence of 1,22,844 cases and accounts for over 67,477 deaths annually (GLOBOCON 2012). Although vaccines are available to prevent the cervical cancer there is lack of awareness regarding the same. Hence the present study has been proposed. The objective was to study the awareness of human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccination among the medical students.

Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted between September 2017 to December 2017 among the medical students. All those who gave consent were included and a predesigned, pretested proforma consisting of variables about demographic characteristics, HPV, vaccination and the other necessary information required for the study was collected.

Results: 72.4% of the participants were aware of the HPV infection, 70.5% about the HPV vaccination and 69.5% of the participants thought that only females should be vaccinated. 52.3% of the participants expressed interest for vaccination. Interns had 100% awareness about the infection and vaccination. Students who were not interested in vaccination, 18.9% of them said they are not sexually active, 8.5% thought there was no need of vaccine, 6.1% felt vaccine is too expensive and 1.3% worried about the safety of the vaccine. Sources of information was mainly through lectures/textbooks (64.8%) followed by doctors/healthcare facility (20.9%).

Conclusions: Study revealed appreciable level of awareness among the participants. With this study, the participants are encouraged to get vaccinated as the age group of participants is appropriate for the vaccination.

Author Biography

Netra G., Department of Community Medicine, East Point College of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Bangalore, India

Department of Community Medicine



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