COVID-19 patients with hypothyroidism: a retrospective cohort study from a dedicated COVID hospital of Mumbai, India

Chinmay N. Gokhale, Smita S. Chavhan, Balkrishna B. Adsul, Maharudra A. Kumbhar, Kirti V. Kinge, Prasad T. Dhikale, Aniket R. Ingale


Background: India was one of the leaders in terms of COVID-19 cases across year 2020. Hypothyroidism is one of the common morbidities that may influence prognosis of infectious diseases. However, some previously published literature had suggested that hypothyroidism may not be affecting outcomes of COVID-19 disease. Objective of this study was to analyze the outcomes of COVID-19 patients with pre-existing hypothyroidism and further suggesting determinants of worse outcomes

Methods: This retrospective cohort study was carried out at one of largest Dedicated COVID-19 Hospital in Mumbai, India. Of the 16306 patients that got admitted at this hospital in year 2020, all those having hypothyroidism were included. Bivariate analysis was performed using Chi-square test and Multivariate analysis was performed using multiple logistic regression.

Results: A total of 251 patients were having pre-existing hypothyroidism (1.54%). More females had hypothyroidism (73.7%) while death rate was more in males (26.3%). ICU admissions (27.5%) and death proportions (18.3%) were significantly more in hypothyroidism. Diabetes and hypertension were common concomitant Co-morbidities and odds ratios for death for diabetes group, hypertension group and diabetes+hypertension group were 4.9, 8.1 and 4.4 respectively in comparison to those having exclusive hypothyroidism.

Conclusions: This study deals with an important topic of co-existing Hypothyroidism in COVID-19 patients and we can conclude that patients with Hypothyroidism must be considered to be at risk of severe outcomes. Furthermore, age, male gender and presence of concomitant Co-morbidities increase the risk of worse outcome.


Hypothyroidism, COVID19, COVID-19 outcome

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