Demographic profile of subjects currently undergoing frontal sinusotomy for frontal sinusitis, in a tertiary health care facility of Punjab

Manish Munjal, Sanjeev Puri, Anurag Chaudhary, Sarit Sharma, Shubham Munjal, Madhurima Arora, Dhruv Gupta


Background: The demographic profile of patients with frontal sinusitis undergoing surgical intervention in the state of Punjab was analysed. The emphasis was on the age, gender and clinical presentation in this prospective study.

Methods: In this prospective study 85 patients of clinically diagnosed frontal sinusitis were randomly selected from the Rhinology clinics of Oto-rhino-laryngology services, Dayanand Medical College and Hospital Ludhiana; in a period of one and a half years (June 2008 to December 2009). All patients were taken up for functional endoscopic sinus surgery with frontal sinusotomy.

Results: 3 (3.53%) subjects, with frontal sinusitis were in the pediatric age group, 65 (76.47%) were males 20 (23.53%) females. Males outnumbered females by a ratio of 3.25:1. The age range varied from a minimum of 8 to a maximum of 86 years. 16 (18.8%) had a discharge in the right middle meatus and 21 (24.7%) over the Eustachian tube orifice. Right sided deviation of the nasal septum was in 13 (14.1%) patients, septal spur in 4 (4.7%) and hypertrophy of the inferior turbinate in 7 (8.2%).

Conclusions: Frontal sinusitis was seen in all ages with a male predominance. Nasal blockage on the right side rather than frank frontal headache was the primary complaint. Purulent discharge in the middle meatus and over the Eustachian type were the common findings. Pathology on histopathology encountered was mucosal hypertrophy followed by polyp in the sinus. There was no correlation of frontal sinusitis with the weight and height of the patients


Demography, Endoscopic sinus surgery, Frontal sinusitis

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