Effectiveness of brain training between men and women: a comparative study

Suruthi Raju, Deekshitha Gowda, Vijay Krishna Kumar


Background: The aim of the study was to test the effectiveness of brain training on memory function between men and women.

Methods: The study was designed as a comparative design. The 50 samplings who have full filled the selection criteria were selected and they were conveniently divided into two equal groups with the gender differentiation, group A (female) and group B (male). Both the groups underwent 6 sessions of training period for 2-3 months. And they were assessed before and after training using mini mental state examination (MMSE) to know the outcome.

Results: There was a significant difference in the outcome measure MMSE between the group A (female) and group B (male) group after intervention (brain training) at the level 0.05% with p<0.05%. It has been shown that brain training or brain gym exercise had significant improvement in memory and cognitive function between both the groups.

Conclusions: Brain training or brain gym exercise is an effective and feasible mode of practice in any environment to improve the memory function of men and women.  


Brain gym exercises, Brain training, Memory function, Mini mental state examination

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