A study on awareness on tuberculosis among urban slum population of Hyderabad

Sai Ram A., Rama Krishna M. N., Sunil Pal Singh C.


Background: Tuberculosis a major public health problem in India with highest burden of cases. India accounts for about 24% of global prevalence, 23% of the global incidence cases and 21% of global TB deaths. Irregular and inappropriate treatment of persons with active TB, unawareness about TB symptoms and treatment course, illiteracy, may be the major hurdles for TB eradication.

Methods: A cross sectional, community based study was conducted in urban slum dwellers (n=153). Data compilation and analysis: All the data collected was entered and analyzed with MS excel software 2007 and Epi info 3.5.3. All tests were considered significant at p<0.05 level.

Results: 18.3% told that cough+expectoration+evening rise of temperature+weight loss are the signs and symptoms of TB. 55.5% know that it spreads through cough and sneezing mixed with air. 23.5% knows blood examination, sputum examination, X-ray is the mode of diagnosis of TB.

Conclusions: Literacy plays major role in creating awareness on TB.


Awareness, Diagnosis, Management of TB, Signs and symptoms, Tuberculosis

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