Fuel consumption and expenditure among rural population of Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu: a cross sectional study

Karnaboopathy Ranganathan, Venkatesan Dhanagopalan, Muthukumar Tharumaraj, Kalaivani Annadurai


Background: There are two kinds living in the world. They are human beings and animals. The human begins of the pre-historic age lived like animals with little knowledge of a system of social advancement. The households in the rural and urban area are facing the difficult situation act spending of fuel consumption. A moderately large amount of the revenue of the households has to be set separately aside for the expenditure on fuel.

Methods: This study was a community based cross-sectional study to assess the fuel consumption, 150 households were included in the study.

Results: In the study population 75.33% (113) were male and 24.67% (37) were female. Among the study participants 39.33% of the households are using LPG followed by 24% are using firewood were in 20.67% are using electricity and 16% of households are using kerosene. The multiple linear regression analysis were carried out and the results for the coefficient of multiple determination R squared value is 0.420 which implies 42% of the variation in monthly expenditure of fuel due to the variations in the concerned predictor variables.

Conclusions: The study could be conducted in a large a scale over a wider area with a more accurate sampling procedure. This would give more information on the relation between the fuel consumption, the need for conservation as related to the different income groups and different educational level of the respondents.


Cross sectional study, Fuel consumption, Fuel expenditure

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