Knowledge, attitude and practice regarding various tobacco products and their effects on health and COTPA act among ≥15 years age group persons in urban field practice area of a medical college in Telangana

Jyothi Veleshala, Varun Malhotra


Background: Tobacco use is a major public health problem. The prevalence of tobacco use among men has been reported to be high (generally exceeding 50%) from almost all parts of India. “The Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products (Prohibition of Advertisement and Regulation of Trade and Commerce, Production, Supply, and Distribution) Act 2003”, which came into effect since 1st May 2004. Information on knowledge, attitudes, and practices of population regarding COTPA is necessary to effectively implement the legislation. Hence the present study was undertaken.

Methods: The present study was a cross-sectional community-based survey carried out in urban slums of Nalgonda town. Data was collected using a structured schedule by interviewing 300 participants, aged above 15 years.

Results: The current use of any tobacco was reported by 45.7% of the participants. Overall awareness of COTPA was 58.2%. Marital status, type of family, unemployment, Illiterates, lower SES, and age had a significant influence on tobacco use. Television (77.05%) was the major source of awareness regarding COTPA. The majority of smokers were aware of various sections of COTPA (>50%). About 34.8% of the participants had a favorable attitude towards COTPA. The positive attitude was more (53.7%) towards the display of health warnings on tobacco products among smokers. 11.2% had paid penalty for violation of the act and 32.4% have noticed a reduction in their habit to some extent.

Conclusions: A concerted effort has to be made to increase the awareness of the act amongst the vulnerable population.


Awareness, COTPA, Nalgonda, Tobacco

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