Prevalence of non-cancer chronic morbidity in tobacco users among adults in Kolar district: community-based study

Harish S., K. N. Prasad


Background: Tobacco contains many chemicals which causes cancer and chronic morbidities as evidenced from number of studies. Information regarding the chronic morbidities resulting from tobacco use was lacking in Indian setting. This study was conducted with the objective to find the prevalence of chronic morbidities other than cancer and oral conditions in tobacco users among adults in Kolar district.

Methods: This is a community based, cross sectional study conducted in Kolar district among selected sample size of 1534 from six taluks during December 2018 to March 2019. The structured questionnaire was used to collect information at different geographical and social meeting places to represent the sample. The questionnaire contained information about sociodemographic, tobacco use and self-declared morbidity conditions.

Results: Study subjects were aged between 18 to 80 years and the mean age was 53.7±18.2 years.  The prevalence of chronic morbidity was 14.4% in 1534 subjects and 24.2% in 521 tobacco users. Diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases accounted for 80 percent of morbidities followed by respiratory and other systems. The odd ratio (OR) was 3.4 for tobacco users and chronic morbidities, OR for diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases was 5-19 and 5-22 respectively.

Conclusions: The prevalence of diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases and other conditions are high among any form of tobacco use or consumption, illiterates, aged above 51 years and agriculture related workers compared to no tobacco users. There is a need of awareness about early detection of chronic morbidities to reduce the premature deaths and economic loss to the community.


Morbidity prevalence, Tobacco, Non-smoking, Smoking, Beedi, Cigarette

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