Morbidity pattern of Kerala flood victims of 2018 in the post flood recovery phase

Saravanan Vaithiyalingam, Reenaa Mohan, Abel Arul Joseph, Mithun George Jacobe, Anil J. Purty


Background: In the year 2018, Kerala experienced natural disastrous due to heavy rainfall and floods due to breakdown of dams. More than five lakhs people were affected and disruption in transportation, communication and damaged health care facilities. Objective of this study was to access the morbidity pattern of flood victims in the post flood recovery phase.

Methods: The study was carried out by the investigators along with medical team conducted free camps in seven different locations in the districts of Wayand and Kozhikode in the month of October 2018. Data were obtained in the format designed by the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, India.

Results: A total of 3123 patients were attended the flood relief camp. The most of the camp people were come up with complaints of myalgia 24.8%, acute respiratory infections 14.6%, skin infections 8.3% and 7.7% had fever.

Conclusions: To create awareness to the community about the natural disaster and appropriate action to prevent it through information, education and communication by regular period of intervals. And to provide basic amendments to improve the health care infra structure.


Catastrophic, Kerala post flood, Morbidity

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