Effects of training on coding accuracy of obstetrical diagnosis in Naili DBS Hospital

Ressa Oashttamadea


Background: The accuracy of clinical coding is very important in the proper financing of health care centers. During January to February 2019, only 35 out of 60 obstetrical cases that were well coded (58%) in Naili DBS Hospital and this miscoding would led to a big financial loss. The aim of this study is to determine the effect of training on coding accuracy.

Methods: This study was conducted during April 2019 in Naili DBS Hospital using quasi experimental method, with one group pretest and post-test design. All 11 participants were given a pretest consisted of 10 long cases (maximum score=38) and the training was conducted based on the identified needs from the preliminary audit. They were then given a post-test to see the effect of the training.

Results: The mean score of pretest was 10.7 and the mean score of post-test was 19.7. The individual scores were normalized and then analyzed using SPSS with paired sample T-test. Based on statistical analysis, p<0.005 meaning the traning is statistically significant on improving the coding accuracy in obstetrical diagnosis.

Conclusions: The training has significantly improved the score of well coded obstetrical diagnosis, even though the participants have not reached the maximum score. Furthermore, our study suggests that it is important to analyze the coders’ performance months after the training by conducting a coding audit.


Coding accuracy, Miscoding, Training, Obstetrical, ICD 10

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