Impact of sensitization programme on reproductive health awareness among adolescent girls residing in a shelter home (Snehalay) Ahmednagar

Saili U. Jadhav, Shubhada S. Avachat


Background: Adolescents comprise one-fifth of India's total population. Knowledge on reproductive health at adolescent age is essential to build their foundation of healthy reproductive practices in the future and to lower the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

Methods: An interventional study was done on 51 adolescent girls at a shelter home (Snehalaya). Informed consent was obtained from the concerned authorities. Data was collected by interview technique with the help of a structured questionnaire prepared by literature search. Response of adolescents was recorded through their answers to the questionnaires. Intervention was done in the form of sensitization lecture with the help of audio visuals and educational posters. The same questionnaire was again interviewed and the impact of intervention was assessed. Statistical analysis of data was done using percentage, proportion and appropriate tests of significance.

Results: In our study we found the average age of menarche of the girls to be 12-14 years, but as several of the girls came from unhealthy backgrounds, they had several menstrual problems like dysmenorrhea, irregular menses. Three of the girls had not experienced menses after 14 years of age. After the sensitization lecture, 56% of the girls were able to write the names of the reproductive organs in the female genital tract. 85% of the girls were able to name the hazards of teenage pregnancy. All adolescents need access to quality youth-friendly services provided by clinicians trained to work with this population. Sex education programs should offer accurate, comprehensive information while building skills for negotiating sexual behaviors.

Conclusions: Hence from our project we identified the unmet need of awareness regarding reproductive health amongst adolescent girls and we tried to meet those needs by providing sensitization.


Adolescent girls, Reproductive health, Impact of intervention, Shelter home

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