Assessment of knowledge, attitude, and practice regarding hepatitis B among medical students in a private medical college in Kochi

Arun Jacob, Teena Mary Joy, Sreelakshmi Mohandas, Harsha Lais, Nimitha Paul


Background: Hepatitis B virus is transmitted by body fluids, such as blood and serum. Sexual transmission, vertical transmission, and unsafe injections, including intravenous drug use, are the most common routes of infection for Hepatitis B infection. Medical students have a very important role in preventing the disease by improving the disease knowledge among themselves and the patients they will eventually treat.

Methods: A cross sectional study was conducted to assess the KAP among medical students of the first three academic years regarding hepatitis B virus infection. The sample size was 222 students. Data were collected from 230 students using a semi structured questionnaire and analyzed using SPSS v20.

Results: Among 230 medical students, 79.1% students had good knowledge about hepatitis B whereas 84.3% of the respondents had the right attitude towards hepatitis B. The practice component was low with only 44.8% of the respondents having correct practice regarding hepatitis B infection.

Conclusions: Although the knowledge and attitude regarding hepatitis B infection is high, the practice levels are low indicating the need to encourage proper practices among the medical students.


Hepatitis B, Medical students, Knowledge, Attitude, Practice

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