Awareness and satisfaction about state health insurance scheme among beneficiaries at tertiary care hospital in Maharashtra

Roza G. Bhaisare, Gaurav M. Rangari


Background: The Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Arogya Yojana (RGJAY) is cashless medical insurance scheme launched in 2nd July 2012 by Maharashtra government is for poor families like below poverty line, above poverty line categories, Antyodaya and Annapurna cards holders with annual income less than Rs. 1 lakh. It’s implemented throughout the state of Maharashtra in phased manner for a period of 3 years. The aim is to provide quality care and free medical facilities worth Rs. 1.5 lakh. Aim of this study is to see awareness of the scheme and satisfaction level among beneficiaries about RGJAY scheme.

Methods: It’s a cross sectional hospital based study. 500 Patient enrolled under RGJAY scheme selected daily during study period January 2013 to June 2014 in Raigad district. Statistical analysis was done by using SPSS 21.0.

Results: Most of the beneficiaries were male (63.4%), age group 40-70 (51.2%). 67.2% participants were aware about RGJAY and 35% were came to know through media. Only 20% participants utilized services under RGJAY scheme more than one time. 31% participant’s family members had taken benefits of the scheme. 45.4% participants were highly satisfied, 28.8% satisfied with services provided under RGJAY scheme.

Conclusions: The participants were aware about the scheme, but utilization of the scheme was low in the population. Most of the participants were satisfied with services provided under scheme. It shows that scheme was successful in Raigad district.


Awareness, Below poverty line, Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Arogya Yojana, State health insurance scheme, Satisfaction

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