Breast cancer awareness among women in Vikhroli: a suburban area of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


  • Sharayu D. Shinde GATS-2, TISS, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Suhas B. Kadam Research and Documentation, State Health Systems Resource Center, Pune, Maharashtra, India



Awareness, Breast cancer, India, Early detection, Slums in Mumbai


Background: Breast cancer, the second most common cancer among Indian women, accounts for seven percent of global burden of the disease. Survival rate among women with breast cancer is very poor because most of them sought treatment in advanced stage of the disease.  Lack of awareness about the disease and poor facilities of screening programme may be the reason in delay for treatment. To determine the awareness about breast cancer among women in Vikhroli - a suburban area of Mumbai

Methods: A community based cross sectional study is carried out in Vikhroli, a suburban area of Mumbai. Quota sampling method was used to select and include 235 women in the study. Semi-structured interview schedule was used to collect the information on breast cancer. Tabular presentation, chi square and contingency coefficients were used for data analysis.

Results: Though the respondents have heard about breast cancer, they do not have in-depth knowledge about risk factors, signs and symptoms and methods of early detection. Socioeconomic status differentials are found in knowledge about breast cancer and the two are weakly associated.

Conclusions: The awareness about breast cancer is low amongst women in this community. There is a need for awareness generation programs to educate women about breast cancer, propagation of correct messages and promote early detection.


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