Published: 2019-02-22

Cross sectional study on newborn care practices in a rural area

Chandra Mani, Prabhat Kumar Lal, Laxman Kumar


Background: NMR contributes to two-third of infant mortality and proper newborn care is essential for achieving the target of reduction in IMR. The present study was conducted to find the newborn care practices in a rural community and to explore the associated factors.

Methods: The present community based cross sectional study was conducted upon children born in the study area within past three months. Mothers were interviewed using pretested proforma.

Results: It was seen that 87.3% children were cared by their mothers, rooming-in was universal, 82.1% children were kept warm, early bathing was avoided by 45.8% mothers, 96.2% of children were given vaccine at birth and umbilical stump hygiene was maintained in 61.3% cases.

Conclusions: The newborn care practices are far from ideal. Community based interventions can be helpful to improve the same.



Cross sectional study, Newborn care practices, Rural area

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