Knowledge, attittude and practice among mothers of under five children on immunization

K. K. Lamiya, Jesha Mohammedali Mundodan, Sheela P. Haveri


Background: Many parents have poor understanding of vaccine preventable diseases (VPD) and many believe in false propagations about the contents, side effects and effectiveness of vaccines. Lack of good knowledge and positive attitude about childhood immunization was believed to be the root cause for resurgence of VPDs. Aim of the study was to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice regarding childhood immunization among mothers of under five children.

Methods: A cross sectional study was done among mothers with at least one child in the under-five age group residing in the rural field practice area of a teaching institution. Assuming 61% mothers have good knowledge (Mangalore study) the sample size was calculated to be 235 with 20% error and 1.5 design effect. Data was collected with the help of pretested semi structured questionnaire by interviewing 15 eligible mothers from each of 16 wards. Descriptive analysis was done.

Results: The average age of the participants was 27.30±5.42 years with many of them educated up to 10th grade (40.3%) and most being housewife (74.5%). Knowledge of mothers regarding the diseases that can be prevented by immunization was fairly good. But the knowledge regarding individual vaccines, their dosages and schedule were found to be low. Majority of mothers had good attitude about immunization. Immunization coverage of the locality was relatively good (87.7%). Significant relation was established between attitude and practice. Sick at the time of vaccination was the most common cause of being partially immunised (68.96%).

Conclusions: Intensify the awareness classes for mothers and religious leaders on immunisation.


KAP, Immunization, Under-five, Mothers

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