Role of peers and family with the occurrence of human immunodeficiency virus in the working area of Seberang Padang health center, Padang city

Oktariyani Dasril, Puteri Fannya


Background: The occurrence of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in the Seberang Padang health center has increased every year. The role of coeval friends and family is one of the factors that influence HIV prevalence. This study aims to discover the role of peers and family with HIV occurrence in the area of the Seberang Padang health center.

Methods: This type of research is observational analytic with case control study design. Time of study in October 2017. The population were all of HIV cases at Seberang Padang Health Center, 41 cases with a sample of 16 cases and 16 controls. Data collection uses a questionnaire. Univariate analysis using descriptive statistical method in the form of frequency distribution and percentage while bivariate with α 0.05 chi square test.

Results: More than half (78.6%) of respondents have a poor peer role, more than half (71.4%) respondents have a poor family role. There was a relationship between the role of peers and the role of the family with HIV. People with poor family roles are 15 times at risk for HIV incidence and 9 times at risk if they have a poor peer roles.

Conclusions: Peers and family have an important role in shaping a person's behavior, thus increasing the risk of suffering from HIV. Seberang Padang Puskesmas officers are advised to educate families to always act as the most active group to remind respondents to maintain health and keep away from anything that can damage their health and avoid HIV.


Role of peers, Family, HIV occurrence

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