HIV/AIDS knowledge and attitude among adolescents of Kamrup Metro district, Assam

Bhabani Pegu, Bhanu Pratap Singh Gaur


Background: AIDS is a pandemic disease which is threatening the world population. Its prevention largely depends on health education and behavioural changes based on AIDS awareness, particularly among young adults who are prone to risky behaviour. The objectives of the study were to assess the knowledge and attitude about HIV/AIDS among adolescents of Kamrup Metro district, Assam and to study the relevant socio-demographic factors.

Methods: A cross sectional, community based study was conducted for a period of three months. A total of 300 study participants from slum & non slum areas of Kamrup Metro district, Assam were included using two stage random sampling. Interview of adolescents in 15-19 years age group was taken using predesigned and pretested schedule.

Results: It was found that 95.7% of respondents had heard about AIDS. Virus as a causative agent was known to 51.6% while only 59.6% of the study subjects knew regarding asymptomatic nature of the disease. Transmission by infected syringes and needles, from infected mother to her baby & by unscreened blood transfusion was known to 69%, 74.2% and 81.8% of respondents respectively. Some misconceptions about the disease were also present. Knowledge regarding availability of treatment and prevention was found among 54.4% and 86.4% of respondents respectively. 66.5% of respondents felt that a person with HIV/AIDS must be isolated. 44% of study subjects believed that HIV/AIDS is curable.

Conclusions: Though majority of respondents were aware about AIDS but complete knowledge about this disease is still lacking. There is a need for intensified activities regarding information, education and communication for these vulnerable groups.


Knowledge, Attitudes, HIV/AIDS, Community-based study

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