Utilization of maternal and child health services among migratory/slum dwellers in Udupi municipality area, Karnataka, India

Divya V. Pai, Zari Anjum, Ashwini Kumar, Avinash Shetty, Surabhi Mishra, Uttam Kumar, Ashita Agrawal


Background: Irrespective of the tremendous efforts made by Government of India the utilization of MCH services continues to be very low among women belonging to lower socio economic status particularly among slum and migratory population. This significantly upsets country’s declining trend of maternal and infant mortality rate. Therefore a study was undertaken to assess the utilization of maternal and child health services among migratory/slum dwellers in a municipality area.

Methods: A community based cross- sectional study was conducted for a period of one month among two hundred eligible women of the study population.

Results: Study targeted 1200 households in 16 localities and we obtained information from 200 eligible mothers. Amongst them 74% availed antenatal services from government facilities and only 67% were registered in the first trimester. All mothers received antenatal services. Mother and child protection card was not received by 8.5% of women. 86.1% of them had institutional delivery. 13.9% of mothers delivered at home and 10% of the deliveries were unattended or assisted by friends and relatives. JSY benefits were not availed by 55% of the women.41.5% babies delivered had low birth weight. 14.7% of the children were either partially immunized or not immunized at all. Amongst women belonging to target couple 68% were not using any form of contraception.

Conclusions: Utilization of Maternal and Child Health services among the migratory and slum dwellers living in the Municipality area is not satisfactory.


Utilization, Maternal and child health services, Slums, Migratory population

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